The Video Edit

  • 30th November 2018

Creative Edit

With any of the Collect+Edit packages (Bronze, Silver or Gold) we’ll professionally and creatively edit your guests’ video clips and still images.

Once the upload deadline has passed, as the organiser, you will receive a link to download all the videos and photos which have been uploaded by your guests.

You’ll also receive a link to select your opening sequence music and 3 or 4 songs for the soundtrack of your video. You can also upload a text file to add titles, scrolling credits and, if you wish, guests’ names at the end of the video.

Encourage guests, or even designate key guests, to take footage; guide them to the ‘Take Better Video’ page for tips and advice and the ‘Designated Filmer Guide‘. Lots of video footage with a modern smart phone, plus a creative edit will result in an amazing video!

Imagine the final edit if you have five or more guests taking video footage of the bride and groom and their first dance or around any central subject at your event. This is where shooting in portrait would work (and so would landscape!) and with a creative edit and using the split screen technique to show two or three different angles of the dance or subject. See this technique in the video below:


Video Resolution

The default video setting of most modern smart phones is high definition (1080p x 1920p) so your video will be edited in to this format. However, it’s not a problem if footage is taken in 4k (3840p x 2160p), we will simply downscale. In fact, 4k footage will help us with the creative process as there is more resolution to zoom in and move the frame.


Frame Rate

The default setting for frame rate is 30 frames per second so any footage supplied at a different frame rate will be adjusted to fit.



You final video will be supplied formatted for YouTube or Vimeo for upload to your own account to distribute and send on to your friends or colleagues, within approximately two weeks. For other formats please ask.