Frequently Asked Questions

  • 10th February 2019

When is the upload deadline?

The upload deadline is two weeks after the event date.


How many emails will my guests receive?

When your guests register they will receive a confirmation email with a unique-to-your event upload link. They will receive two more emails, one a day after the event and then just one more three days before the upload deadline as helpful reminders. We respect their privacy and their details will be deleted after the upload deadline.


How do I add my own videos to the final edit?

With our Collect+Edit package, to add your videos to the final edit click on your unique event web address in the event details email and follow the instructions to register as an uploader. You will then receive the upload request emails.


How long will the final edited video be?

This all depends how much footage we have. It could be 1 minute or up to 20 minutes but we will try and include all the worthy footage that is supplied in the final creative edit.


Why does it take two weeks to edit the guest footage?

Great care is taken to assess all the footage for the best edit. Once the first cut is drafted we will do an ‘over-night-test’ which involves leaving the project and then returning with a fresh eye to see if it can be improved before the final edit.


Can the edited video be supplied on DVD or Blue-ray disc?

We do not currently offer this service but if there is enough demand it is something we will add so please get in touch to register your interest.


What if there is not enough guest footage to edit into an enjoyable video?

After the upload deadline, with our Collect+Edit package, VidSnap will assess all uploaded footage and if we feel there is not enough to produce an enjoyable video however long then we will refund the edit charge so you only pay for the collection service.


How long do I have to download all the videos and photos?

Once you receive the link to download all your guests’ videos and photos which will be 2-3 days after the upload deadline you have 2 weeks to complete the download before the videos and photos are permanently deleted from our systems.


Is it possible for VidSnap to send the download link to all the contributing guests?

This is not a service that we currently offer but we may add it in a future upgrade. You could, however, just forward on the download link to whomever you wish but remember to include the download deadline date.


If you don’t find your answers here please contact us.